Midweek running report

On Sunday, there was plenty of time for running, but I stayed home and baked cookies instead.

My husband had Monday off work for Columbus Day, so I got up almost an hour late, ate scrambled eggs and baked oatmeal, and went running long before my food should have been digested.  Somehow, I ran well and felt great (3.5 miles at 7:57 pace).  Then, I did laundry while Th. painted the house, with my occasional help holding things (yes, there we were, side-by-side, each on our own ladder.  It was very much, “Doady, can I hold the pens?”).

At 3:30 we went running together.  I figured we’d do our usual 3.5, especially since he was tired from working on the house all weekend, but he surprised me by wanting to run 5 miles.  We ran a route that he hadn’t done before, and I played the (totally unnecessary) tour guide, explaining things like, “This is where the town keeps its school buses.”  Then we came home and finished painting, I made dinner, did the ironing, and finally collapsed.

On Monday night I dreamed I got shot in the face, and I awoke with a ringing in my left ear.  I wasn’t feeling well and almost skipped my run, but I went anyway, and I’m so glad I did!  I ran 3.5 at 7:38 pace.  It felt easy, so I just kept speeding up, until I was breathing pretty hard.  I always find that embarrassing because people look at me like, “Honey, I think you need to slow down.”  They don’t know that sometimes you’re supposed to push yourself that hard.  If I could run that fast without breathing hard, I sure would.  But I can’t get there without pushing through.  The run was imperfect only in that it didn’t shake the ringing sound from my ear.  Gun shots are loud, I guess.

Anyway, I was happy with Tuesday’s run because that’s not far off my 5K PR pace, but I held it for longer than 5K.  Perhaps if I keep running right around 7:40 I’ll improve.  That’s how it’s supposed to work, they say.

And then this morning, I ran 4 miles at 7:52 pace.  The weather is cooler today, and they’re calling for rain, but it was still excellent running weather.  No more ringing in my ear.

These three days of faster running were unexpected but lots of fun.  I’m glad tomorrow is my day off, though.  I’m curious to see what Friday will be like.

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