I have no idea why comments aren’t working on my grocery budget post.  I’ll get it fixed if I can.  If you happen to have any WordPress know-how, feel free to attempt to, umm, leave a comment with some advice :)

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  1. Kimberly

     /  14 October, 2011

    Then consider this a comment on the grocery post:

    I think you make some good points. This type of advice isn’t given often, and I can see how it would be useful to know what, say, my three least expensive meals are, as well as the three most expensive. And if nothing sounds good for breakfast anyway, I might as well have the oatmeal rather than the Crispex (for a number of reasons, really).

    On the other hand, I generally go out of my way to NOT do the very things you suggest. That is, I leave my knowledge of grocery prices at the store as much as possible. I suppose it depends on the person and the situation. If someone leans toward being careless and spendy, it probably makes sense to pay a little more attention. And obviously if it’s carrots with electricity, or apples without it, that’s an easy choice. I’d pull these methods out in case of a layoff, or something like that. If however, someone tends toward Spending As Little As Possible Just Because It’s Better (which would be more like hoarding than stewardship…not that I would know or anything), it’s probably better to avoid thinking about prices much at home.

    If I’m thinking about the cost of the food I’m eating, next thing you know, my husband is afraid I’m judging how much cream cheese he’s putting on his bagel, or I’m saying, “Have all you want. It’s very expensive, but there’s more in the cabinet.” Given my personal weaknesses, that’s way more likely than me frittering away all our money on a steady stream of gouda and dark chocolate.

    • Yes, there are certain risks. My mother would say that sometimes it’s nicer not knowing. But now that I know, what can I do? I find myself feeling guilty for eating an apple (absurd!). I guess the best thing would be to simply be grateful for the apple and move on.

      Somewhere I read that women tend to save all the healthy food for their children, and then they don’t eat enough themselves. These women just need to buy more apples.


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