Weekly mileage 16 Oct. – 22 Oct., 2011

Plus some rambling toward the end.

Sunday, 16th October: went for a walk.

Monday, 17th : 3.5 miles at 8:25 pace.

Tuesday, 18th: 3.5 miles at 8:15 pace, plus weights; pm: 4.75 at 9:17 pace.

Tuesday was tough.  I struggled through the morning run, but I agreed to go with Th. in the afternoon anyway, but then he wanted to go farther than usual, so…

Wednesday, 19th: pilates, no running.

Thursday, 20th: another day off, just because.

Friday, 21st: 3.5 at 8:24 pace.

Saturday, 22nd: 3.5 at 9:18 pace.

Total: 18.75 miles

Total for 2011: 809.3 miles (190.7 miles to go!)

Every run was a challenge this week.  I couldn’t breathe, my form was bad, and I kept scuffing the ground, as if I just couldn’t lift my feet high enough.  Plus, this morning, it was cold enough that I had to wear the shocking red capris.  They are comfortable, but ridiculous.  Loose and billowy around the knees.  And bright red.  I would be embarrassed if this were as bad as my cold-weather running clothes were going to get, but it so isn’t.

Here is a bonus non-mileage-related-anecdote:

I once locked myself out of my apartment while wearing the bright red capris.  It was evening, and my roommate wasn’t due home for over twelve hours.  The landlord’s office was closed.  So I broke in.  But not before I’d spent a lot of time fussing with the door and windows, walking around and around, and generally looking suspicious, like a thief who doesn’t know what not to wear.

But really, and I will address this in my How to be comfortable running in public series, if you don’t feel like running, but think you can convince yourself to go for a walk, first put on the most embarrassing (but decent) exercise clothes you own.  Once you’re out there, you will feel a lot less stupid running in them than walking in them, so you’ll get your run in anyway.  I feel I need to look cute for a walk because I’m going so much slower.  Not that I imagine I’m so fast that I’m just a blur to anyone.  My goodness.  We’ll end this here.  Tomorrow I’ll have more tips for beginners and other self-conscious folks.

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