Weekly mileage 23 Oct. – 29 Oct., 2011

Sunday, 23rd: 3.5 miles at 8:36 pace

Monday, 24th: 4 at 8:35 pace, plus weights

Tuesday, 25th: 4.5 at 9:06 pace

Wednesday, 26th: just pilates

Thursday, 27th: off

Friday, 28th: 4 at 8:45 pace

Saturday, 29th: 4 at 8:45 pace

Total: 20

Total for 2011: 829.3 miles

I took it easy again this week.  Apparently, these are the speeds I am capable of running comfortably.  If I were training for a race, I’d be willing to make myself uncomfortable.

Yesterday and today, it was in the 30s when I ran.  I wore the hateful red capris, three shirts, and gloves.  I would have liked something over my ears, but it felt too extreme (especially with the three shirts — a bit excessive), so I just wore my baseball cap as usual.  I’d forgotten how much all that clothing slows me down.  Yes, that’s it — it’s the clothes that make me slow!

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