Weekly mileage 30 Oct. – 5 Nov., 2011

Wednesday, 2nd: 3.5 at 9:17 pace

Thursday, 3rd: 3.5 at 8:38 pace

Friday, 4th: 3.5 at 8:39 – 8:40-ish, plus weights

Total: 10.5 miles

Total for 2011: 839.8 miles

Clearly, I totally fell apart this week.  We were much busier than normal.  I shall resist the temptation to justify myself by listing all the things I had to do, for two reasons:  1.  It won’t look like much; and 2.  I’m afraid this is quickly becoming “Weekly  mileage plus an apology,” which is not as it should be.  No one is attacking me, after all.

Nevertheless, here begins a disclaimer, carefully disguised as “What I learned about myself, etc.”

I don’t feel so bad about the low mileage because, while that Thursday run may not look like much, I’m proud of it.  That was my busiest day, but I organized myself such that I could run around lunch time, which I never do.  I am unreasonably proud that I sneaked that run in.  Other runners do such things every day, with tighter schedules, and I applaud them.

Most weeks, I have lots of time, which makes me wonder, “Would I be so dedicated if it weren’t so easy?”  I think now, yes, I would.  The three times I was able to run this week, I didn’t run well at all and knew from the start that I wouldn’t.  But I went anyway, knowing that I almost never regret having gone, even when I’m slow, whereas I almost always regret not having gone.

Not that I’ll be running any more this week, mind you.  In a few minutes, Th. will be home and wanting me to run with him, which I won’t do.  So it only goes so far, you see.

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