The New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon was on Sunday.  You can read about the men’s race, the women’s race, and the U.S. elite runners. This is just terribly exciting to me.  Running events are the only sporting events I care about, and I care about them more than I can explain.  The only time I miss having regular television is during a big-city marathon.  Oh, it’ll be rough during the summer Olympics.  I could watch people running for hours and hours and not get bored.  But football?  My goodness.  What a lot of nonsense.

So, because I couldn’t get the streaming video to work on our computer, I spent large portions of Sunday and Monday reading any breaking news I could find, refreshing the Flotrack homepage, desperate for new videos, and even (so strange for me) reading tweets.  Apparently, the elites cross the finish line, get a hug, then pull out their fancy-pants phones and tweet something.  So much the better for me.

A year or so ago, I read A Race Like No Other, which is all about the New York City Marathon.  I found this absolutely gripping.  There are not many places I feel I need to see, but I have always wanted to visit New York City, and I think the best way to really see it would be to run the marathon.

When I visit a place, I don’t really want to “do” anything there; I just want to walk around, look up at the buildings, and imagine what it’s like to live there.  I want to see the people and get a cup of coffee from a coffee shop I’ve never been to, and then I’m all set.  So if Th. took me to New York City, all I’d want to do is walk around, gape up at the buildings, and feel overwhelmed.  That’s it.  What better way to do this, and make sure I’d seen the entire city, than to run the marathon?  Plus, it’s pretty difficult to convince someone to take you all the way to New York City for a cup of coffee and a leisurely walk.

What about you?  How do you prefer to see the sights?

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  1. Glen

     /  8 November, 2011

    With unlimited money and leisure, I’d go places and stay a while – rent an apartment for three months. When I traveled a lot on business, I’d visit the libraries and used book stores during any free time. Now if I had only a few days somewhere, I would walk around, drink coffee, go to the library, and check out the farmer’s markets. Of course New York has the theaters and delis and the Statue of Liberty, all worth a visit (depending on what shows you can get tickets for.) I haven’t been to New York for years, but in the past it was almost worth the trip just to spend the day walking around in Manhattan.


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