Beginning runners need less advice

I found this article recently, For Beginning Runners, Advice Can Be a Hurdle, and I thought it tied in nicely with my post, But what if I hate running?

I am inclined to agree with the NY Times article (wow — I don’t say that very often), except for the title.  I think people allow complicated advice to become a hurdle, when all along the real obstacle has been only this– running is difficult.  It takes your body longer to adapt to it than you would like, especially if you begin as slowly and carefully as you should.

Beginners want advice for this very reason: it is difficult, and they wish it weren’t.  I don’t blame them at all.  There is good advice to be had, but nothing will help as much as just getting out there.  Go for a run, however short, however slow.  Wait a day, then go for another.  Do it over and over again, even if it’s difficult.  Stop and walk if it hurts, but don’t give up.  It will get easier.

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