Part 3 delayed

I apologize for the delay.  Our electricity went out on Saturday evening, when part three in my series on How to be comfortable running in public was still in the (very rough) draft stage.  Our power was restored late this afternoon, but rather than frantically clean the post up for you now, I’m just going to post it next Monday, as it was becoming quite long anyway.

I have also been unable to run.  Snow, fallen branches, and an eagerness to leave a really cold house as early as possible this morning, prevented me.  The rest of this week is busier than usual.  We’ll see how it goes.  Here on my desk sits a long-since-filled-out-and-signed application to join the fitness center (basically for free) where my husband works.  Someday, we may get around to submitting it.

Actually, that’s a funny story.  We went to the fitness center when his work was having an open house.  We intended just to fill out the form while we stood there, and then it’d be all taken care of (we must both be present, they say).  But the lady insisted on showing us around because, she said, “It’s important to feel at home at your gym,” or something to that effect.  I sort of laughed and said I really just needed a treadmill for the winter.  She looked confused.  And she kept asking if I was interested in any of their other services, all of which I turned down.  No, I won’t be showering here.  No, I probably won’t take a Zumba class.  Seriously, I just want to know if you have enough treadmills.  She was very kind, even though I think we ruined it for her a little.  I must learn not to laugh when other people are in earnest.

So, she made us bring the form home and talk it over, and now we have to take it back, together.



I have no idea why comments aren’t working on my grocery budget post.  I’ll get it fixed if I can.  If you happen to have any WordPress know-how, feel free to attempt to, umm, leave a comment with some advice :)